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Real estate transactions in British Columbia are multi-faceted and can be stressful. Our expertise and coordination of involved professionals such as mortgage specialist and real estate agent, can help alleviate stress and confusion during this process.

Are you intimidated by the prospect of buying or selling property? Are you a First-Time Home Buyer? We take the extra time to explain things and provide answers to your questions through every step of the process.

Conveyancing is the process of transferring an interest in property from one party to another. This interest can either be the transfer of title (ownership of property) or a grant of a secured interest in the property, such as a mortgage.

Once subjects of a real estate contract are removed, it becomes a binding contract and is then forwarded to the Notary Public. If the notary office represents purchasers who require financing for their transaction, mortgage instructions are provided to the legal representative as well in order to prepare the requisite documents.

We provide Real Estate Services in Port Coquitlam such as:

Purchase of Property

When representing purchasers of a property as their legal representative, we will provide the following services in the process:

  • Review the Contract of Purchase and Sale
  • Conduct a title search and property tax search
  • Obtain mortgage documents (if applicable)
  • Obtain required strata documents (if applicable), insurance binder and title insurance policy
  • Prepare all documents required by the registry and supporting paperwork
  • Meet with purchasers to sign the documents required for the purchase transaction
  • Receive and hold in trust, funds required to complete the transaction
  • Register documents at the appropriate Land Title Office
  • Provide the purchase with copies of the registered documents and State of Title Certificate

Sale of Property

When representing sellers of a property as their legal representative, we will provide the following services:

  • Review the Contract of Purchase and Sale
  • Review documents received from the purchasers’ legal representative
  • Identify and confirm with the seller charges they have to pay out and/or remove from title
  • Request & review payout statements from charge holders on the property
  • Prepare supporting documents
  • Meet with sellers to sign documents for the sale transaction
  • Receive and account for trust funds
  • Attend to payout and discharge of any charges required to be removed such as   existing mortgages, liens and judgements
  • Provide the sellers with the net sale proceeds

Mortgages and Refinancing

Many prospective homebuyers require a loan to complete their purchase. This loan may be a mortgage or secured line of credit or a combination of both which the granting financial institution or private lender secures against the property at the time of purchase.

Many homeowners may utilize the equity in their homes to secure further funds from a lender. In order to accomplish this task, they may refinance with their existing lender; obtain a larger loan from another and payout their current mortgage; or register a second mortgage or secured line of credit on the property.

When representing borrowers as their legal representative, our notary public office may provide some or all of the following services depending on the specific case:

  • Receive and review mortgage instructions
  • Request and review payout statement from existing lender
  • Prepare necessary mortgage and supporting documents
  • Obtain required strata documents (if applicable), insurance binder and title insurance policy
  • Meet with borrowers to review and execute documents
  • Receive mortgage funds in trust
  • Prepare payout and discharge documents
  • Payout existing mortgage or secured line of credit
  • Register executed mortgage discharge at the appropriate Land Title Office, or follow up to ensure lender has registered the same
  • Provide borrowers with copies of registered documents and State of Title Certificate

Mortgage Discharges

Many homeowners assume once they have fully paid out their mortgage or secured line of credit, their title is free and clear of the charge. However; the title is not clear until the mortgage discharge form provided by the lender is registered at the appropriate Land Title Office. While some lenders attend to the matter directly, others may provide the borrowers with a signed discharge form. Please contact our office if you require assistance with filing your mortgage discharge form at the Land Title Office.

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As a real estate agent I have been honoured to work with Nilpar in the past few years. She is very knowledgable, professional and trustworthy. I have worked with many Notaries and Lawyers in the past, but Nilpar is one of those few who takes time to go into details with clients to explaining everything in the simplest manner. I highly recommend her.

Mehdi Tavakoli

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